User Centric Design

our branding and design process

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room."

- Jeff Bezos

The way in which we brainstorm and execute our clients’ brand creation projects is a combination of tried and true methodologies with dynamically oriented, technologically powered goals. While we do not subscribe to one single way for every project, we do utilize a number of fundamental best practices that have served us, and many other designers before us. We make sure that every brand and its components are adaptable, sustainable and timeless. Our general process is as follows:


Making sure we have an intimate understanding of who your company is and what makes it different from its competitors is our first effort toward the creation of your brand. We subsequently take a good look at your competitors, and what they are doing, to help differentiate you from them. And another very important component of our research is your persona profiles: who your brand is intended to appeal to and communicate with is an essential part of its effectiveness.

Creative Strategy


When you have a branding problem, we can solve it for you. That’s how we look at every design task. It’s not just a creative need: it’s a problem that requires a solution. That’s how we look at design challenges, and our aim is to create a strategy that will soundly, creatively and aesthetically solve your problem.

Art Direction


Determining the look and feel of your company should be based on the personality that defines it. Every one of our clients has a certain je ne sais quoi that exudes their core philosophies, company culture, and general attitude. It’s our job as designers, to convey it through the use of your brand and its components


Graphic Design


This is when we get down to actual execution and direct application of concepts and styles onto your deliverables. Taking art and creative direction, creating a tangible asset, and applying said direction to multiple mediums is what graphic design is about. Graphic design is as much about how it looks, as it is about how the intended audience experiences the brand.

Brand Documentation


Brand Documentation. Once conceptual and aesthetic direction has been determined, and applied to at least one complete asset, we will take all created brand values and assets, and detail them onto a branding guide. This will serve as a guide for any other designer working with the brand. However, it also provides you and your company with rules and guidelines on how to use your brand new... umm brand.