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Conversion-Focused, Modern Online Infrastructure for Get Air Trampoline Parks

Get Air Trampoline Parks’ online infrastructure was not conversion focused and lacked a modern look and feel. Our website development team modernized the website’s user interface (UI) with an emphasis on providing a good user experience (UX) to the millennial mom target audience. We also improved the website conversion rate by integrating a Magento ecommerce platform which immediately facilitated an up-tick in revenue generation. As birthday parties play a large role in driving revenue for a trampoline park, we built a fully custom party booking engine that has become the new standard in the family entertainment services industry.

These improvements resulted in a 445% increase in traffic to the party booking engine with a 25% increase in party booking revenue and 227% increase in eCommerce sales.

Custom Software Application Improves Operational Efficiency at Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is the one of the hottest workout methodologies that uses gamification and competition to keep athletes engaged in their workouts. Keeping the experience and workouts consistent across the gym’s hundreds of worldwide locations was a challenge and offering live trainers for every class left them with high expenses. Our software engineers created an Apple TV application that enables Orangetheory Fitness to leverage the same highly researched, effective and recorded workouts across its nationwide footprint using the infrastructure they already had – TVs throughout the studio – to decrease operational costs and improve the customer’s experience with the brand.

Graphic Design That Inspires Action for UC San Diego

UC San Diego’s Move Well Working Group was looking to increase use of the stairs to ensure the wellbeing and health of students, faculty, and staff. But to do so, they needed more than just a pretty picture; they needed a comprehensive branding campaign that would compel viewers to take action. The Deep Root Digital team created designs and messaging that encouraged viewers to take the stairs by focusing on non-directive messages. The graphic design team made the messages eye-catching and thought-provoking. Over a 10-week period, the campaign increased stairwell usage by 26%.

A lot of the ideas that I had that nobody could bring to light, Deep Root Digital could bring to light.
- Ashton Goodell, Chief Marketing Officer, Get Air Trampoline Parks

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